MDC OpenStack

mdc openstack
  • MDC400 Openstack box implementation is based on Ubuntu Openstack.
  • MDC400 Openstack box has server, storage and network virtualization solution.
  • MDC400 Openstack box support up to 368 virtual machines cloud orchestration, with 3GB RAM and 250GB HDD per instance.
  • MDC400 Openstack box is ready to deploy server instances from Openstack dashboard.
  • MDC400 Openstack box can scale up the compute and the storage nodes by clustering MDC400 boxes.


  • Deploy faster
    • Zero-touch deployment of Ubuntu, Windows and Linux distributions across MDC400 nova nodes.
  • Speed & Agility
    • OpenStack accelerates your time-to-market by giving your business units a self-service portal to access necessary resources on-demand, and an API driven platform for developing cloud-aware apps.
  • Automatic Discovery
    • Automatic discovery, registration and configuration of every device on the network.
  • Interoperability and Hybrid Scenarios
    • Openstack is an open and flexible platform that enables application portability even among private and public clouds, allowing enterprises to choose the best cloud for their applications and workflows at any time, without lock-in.

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