MDC Hadoop

mdc hadoop
  • MDC410 Hadoop box can scale up to 4 Peta Bytes in two racks for Hadoop and object storage.
  • MDC410 Hadoop box has 24 compute nodes with Intel®Xeon® D-1548/E3 -1505 processor.
  • MDC410 Hadoop box has 192 cores and up to 1.152 TB of DDR4 RAM (6GB per core).
  • MDC410 Hadoop box has 3.2 Tbps super compute fabric bandwidth.
  • MDC410 Hadoop box has 24 internal HDD or SSD drives.
  • MDC410 Hadoop box has 320 Gbps of network uplink bandwidth (8 x 40 Gbps fullduplex).


  • Hadoop Acceleration support .
  • Easy to scale as Hadoop appliance.
  • Pre-populated and integrated appliance.
  • Web based tool and CLI for MDC410 cluster management.

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