Next-Gen Storage Box


MDC410 is a completely reconfigurable software defined mini datacenter in a box. MDC410-S is the storage variant of MDC410 supporting HDD/SSD, SAS or NVMe disks. MDC410-S is targeted for database systems like SAN box, Cassandra or MongoDB. Integrated 3.2Tbps low latency (150ns) switch fabric delivers near-infiniband performance at the price of an Ethernet switch.

Technical Overview

  • MDC410-S is a storage only configuration of MDC410.
  • MDC410-S has minimum 2 Intel Xeon-D processors with 176TB of HDD or SSD storage
  • MDC410-S has 11 Storage cartridges (16TB HDD or SSD per cartridge).
  • MDC410-S has SATA, SAS or NVMe storage support.

MDC410-S Components

Chassis MDC410-S chassis support 12 cartridges. This versatile chassis shares power, cooling, network uplinks and datacenter acceleration modules. Its 4U from factor allows 10 chassis per rack.
Storage Cartridges MDC410-S can accommodate up to 11 storage cartridges and each of them can hold four 2.5” SATA or SAS hard drives. Optionally, MDC410-S can also accommodate two 3.5” Enterprises SATA or SAS drives. It also has the capacity to accommodate one NVMe storage cards.
Network Switches and Uplinks MDC410-S has a built-in capacity of 3.2Tbps of switching. MDC410-S supports 8 uplinks of 10/40Gbps to interface with enterprise's networks. The TOR switch is eliminated by the MDC410 switch fabric. Server nodes are connected to each other by 32/64 Gbps speed@150ns latency. MDC410-S has the capacity to accommodate two switch cards and each support up to 1.6Tbps switching capacity.
Power MDC410-S has maximum power rating of 3KW. MDC410-S has 4x1500W AC-DC power modules supporting N+1 or N+N power redundancy.


Hybrid Compute

  • Intel x86 Nodes
  • FPGA Nodes
  • GPU Nodes
  • DSP Nodes

Hybrid Storage

  • SATA
  • SAS
  • NVMe

Low Latency Network

  • MDC Super Compute Fabric
  • Low Latency
  • 3.2Tbps of Switching Capacity


  • Datacenter Acceleration
  • TCP/IP
  • SSL
  • IPSec

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